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ELIX promotes a circular plastics economy system through the development of mechanically and chemically recycled products.


The circular economy model generates value from waste and avoids sending recyclable plastics to landfill. Plastic waste is a valuable resource that can be used to produce new plastic raw materials and remanufacture parts and products.
ELIX aims to be a key player in a circular plastics industry, creating closed loops and new business models, and positioning with strategies that recover ABS or any sub-product, enhance recircularisation and establish alliances along the value chain.
Within this framework of increasing circularity, ELIX collaborates with different partners in the development of more sustainable solutions. The main objective is to increase the amount of recycled or renewable material in our products and ensure the traceability of these materials.



Promote a circular plastics economy system by: 
• Recovering and reusing or recycling discharged ABS and ABS blend components and materials.
• Using raw materials from renewable or recycled sources.
• Strengthening collaboration along the value chain to create new circular business models.
• Improving customer engagement and logistics to close material loops.
• Improving transparency and traceability of flows.


Products containing mechanically recycled material intended for the same applications as virgin feedstocks.
Products containing renewable or chemically recycled materials based on mass balance approach, with 100% identical properties to virgin materials.


  • Products with recycled content commercially available from both pre- and post-industrial waste origins.
  • Circular products with the same level of functionality in end customer applications as virgin materials, offering upcycling solutions.
  • ISCC PLUS certification in place to ensure traceability along the whole supply chain for chemically recycled and bio-based products.
  • Close cooperation with suppliers and customers based on long-term agreements.


  • Replacement of fossil-based resources with circular and sustainable feedstocks.
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint and energy consumption.
  • Improved Life Cycle Assessment of the product.
  • Contribution to the circular economy approach, which is fundamental in achieving climate targets.


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