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All of us at ELIX Polymers – from management to our shop-floor workers – are fully committed to delivering service based on the key factors of flexibility, proximity to customers, proactivity, a global perspective, and tailor-made service solutions.

In addition to our 40 years of experience, in the past few years we also have closely analyzed the behaviors and preferences of our clients. Consequently, we have fine-tuned the types of services we offer, while implementing processes such as Lean, ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 50001, and other key business intelligence tools.

This enables us to make decisions and operate based on solid and current data. We constantly challenge ourselves and are well-positioned to react when confronted with differing and sometimes unexpected variables that may arise and potentially impact not only our own business but that of our customers, suppliers, distributors, and the like.

This forward-looking approach is one reason we continue to make significant advances, and it has helped to differentiate us in the market. We are pleased to have gained a reputation among our clients as a company that consistently offers excellence in service, along with high-quality products and constant innovation.

We give equal importance to our proximity to the customers in terms of bespoke services, as well as to geographical proximity to our main markets.

Our sales team and our group of customer service representatives are in charge of managing all aspects related to proximity to the client, to guarantee a personalized approach. Furthermore, our secure web portal gives customers’ online access to company information such as invoices, COA’s, order status, new orders, and other features.

In terms of geographic proximity, we operate a hub in Germany to optimize the distribution of our products, especially for our clients based in Northern Europe. This helps enable us to apply Lean/Just-in-Time principles to our production, thereby increasing our agility, flexibility and efficiency.

We provide tailor-made solutions for both our products as well as services.

Our team of experts called TASKFORCE is on hand, together with the Perfect order Committee in tandem with other departments, work to satisfy the logistical needs of all our clients who need specific solutions related to procurement. The key here is for our sales, customer service, export/transport, and production personnel to work efficiently as a team, exchanging the vital information that allows us to adapt to changing circumstances and best serve our clients.

We also leverage use of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database that enables us to register every type of interaction we have with our clients, which allows us to constantly improve our service.

We currently have commercial relationships with companies in 40 countries. We offer customer service in a broad range of languages to help simplify and improve communication.

Our extensive knowledge of international business allows us to advise our clients as regards the correct choice of Incoterms, thereby optimizing management of safety and risk.

Our four decades of experience allows us to offer worldwide service coverage individually, and to help each and every one of our clients deal with their specific and differing sets of market factors, regardless of where they are based.

Our corporate structure is designed to allow for additional technical/production capacity, affording our clients the flexibility and agility to cover possible changes in demand, and to help assure them a steady supply of our products.

Through our cross-functional teams, we evaluate and continuously revise our lead times, with the aim of adapting to market needs.

In Europe, we also offer our clients a lead time of 1 week for our most popular products and 3 weeks for the rest of the products in our ABS portfolio. We also will work with you, if you have any special need for even shorter lead times.

One of our priorities is to collaborate closely with customers, suppliers and distributors in a way that enables us to establish long-term relationships to achieve positive synergies.

This makes it vital for us to keep abreast of external factors that could impact on all parties, such as those relating to climate, socio-economic, socio-demographic, political and security matters. Thanks to our Business Intelligence we have a 360º perspective and can offer relevant advice to our clients in a timely and effective manner to help them make the best possible business decisions.


ELIX technical service comprises a multidisciplinary team with the capabilities and resources to support our customers during their product development processes. Whether it is a new colour development or selecting the right material to fulfill the complex regulations from the demanding markets and leading-edge applications, we have highly experienced professionals who specialize in those market segments where the ABS is present, such as Automotive, Appliances, E&E, Medical, Consumer Goods and Healthcare.

ELIX technical service offers our customers full access to the experience we’ve gained throughout 40 years of producing and supplying ABS to the market to get their projects done.

ELIX technical service activities include the following:

  • New colour and product development.

    Technical support & troubleshooting.

    Product stewardship / IP management / technological surveillance.

    Specialized support for each market segment.

Functional design of parts by customers

  • Assistance with the design of new molds and parts
  • Development of new colors
  • Development of new functionalities, material characteristics
  • Assistance with the standardization of parts
  • Assistance with legal and regulatory compliance

Processing our products

  • Adjustment of new molds
  • Adjustment of process parameters
  • Supplementary documents
  • Assistance in the post-processing of parts (chrome plating, painting, welding, etc.)

Technical assistance for smart solutions

  • Troubleshooting
  • Claims management
  • Adapting materials for personalized problem solving for each customer

New business development

  • Up-to-date knowledge on laws and legislations to offer solutions in accordance with current market needs
  • Research and development of new products
  • Optimizing of materials, customized solutions

* ELIX SERVICES is subject to the customer's geographic location, the type of business and other factors to be evaluated individually.



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