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South Germany
Fevzi Bayrak
Tel: +49 152 537 38416
email: fevzi.bayrak@elix-polymers.com
Italy, Turkey
Sandro Cara
Tel: +39 335 800 242 5
email: sandro.cara@elix-polymers.com
North/West Germany, Belgium
Joachim Kroeger
Tel: +49 152 310 707 68
email: joachim.kroeger@elix-polymers.com
France, Northern Africa, Egypt
Julia Bordier
Tel: +33 (0) 674 264 682
email: julia.bordier@elix-polymers.com
UK & Ireland, Netherlands, Skandinavia:
Tanja Dicker
Tel: +44 743 7017373
email: tanja.dicker@elix-polymers.com
Spain and Portugal
Mónica Rodríguez
Tel: +34 628 548 971
email: monica.rodriguez@elix-polymers.com
Latin America, Middle East, Asia Pacific
Daniel Engel
Tel: +34 977 83 5405
email: daniel.engel@elix-polymers.com
North-Eastern Europe
Pawel Karwowski
Tel: +48 222 072 544
email: pawel.karwowski@elix-polymers.com
South-Eastern Europe
Božana Šošić
Tel: +385 916 126 927
email: bozana.sosic@elix-polymers.com
Enrico Novara
Tel: +39 345 10 68 226
email: enrico.novara@elix-polymers.com
Austria and Switzerland
Claudia Zauner
Tel: (+34) 618 701 692
email: claudia.zauner@elix-polymers.com


Business Manager ABS
Ramón Maestro
Tel: +34 679 426 909
email: ramon.maestro@elix-polymers.com
Business Manager ABS
Sandro Cara
Tel: +34 620 61 99 78
email: sandro.cara@elix-polymers.com
Business Manager Intermediates
Kristian Benincasa
Tel: +34 686 410 817
email: kristian.benincasa@elix-polymers.com
Healthcare Industry
Aurelie Mannella
Tel: +34 977 835 413
email: aurelie.mannella@elix-polymers.com
Automotive Industry
Fabian Herter
Tel: +34 628 297 848
email: fabian.herter@elix-polymers.com
Business Development Manager Automotive
Pedro Abad
Tel: +34 629 005 191
email: pedro.abad@elix-polymers.com
Business Development Manager
Luca Chiochia
Tel: +34 682 673 571
email: luca.chiochia@elix-polymers.com
Business Development Manager
Ignacio Buezas
Tel: +34 660 412 746
email: ignacio.buezas@elix-polymers.com
Technical Customer Service Manager
Sara Sorribas
Tel: +34 690 081 964
email: sara.sorribas@elix-polymers.com
Technical Customer Service Manager
Raúl Martín
Tel: +34 606 552 924
email: raul.martin@elix-polymers.com


Logo Elix Polymers Americas
Canada & United States (Southeast/Western)
Gerhald Claussen - Business Manager ELIX Americas
Tel: +1 305 699 31 30
email: gerhald.claussen@elix-polymers.com
United States /(Northeast/Midwest)
Richard Yant - Regional Sales Manager
Tel: +1 614 935 1013
email: richard.yant@elix-polymers.com
Josue Ruiz - Regional Sales Manager
Tel: +52 1 812 202 1293
email: josue.ruiz@elix-polymers.com
United States, Canada & Mexico
Tom Chu Business Development & Technical Support Manager
Tel: +1 630 397 8063
email: tom.chu@elix-polymers.com


Customer Service
Tel: +34 977 835 416
email: customerservice@elix-polymers.com
Communication Department
Comunicación Externa: Amaia Bolaños
Tel: +34 646 592 752
email: communications@elix-polymers.com
Communication Department
Comunicación Interna: Alejandra Arréllaga
Tel: +34 636 853 800
email: comunicacion@elix-polymers.com
HR Department
Tel: +34 977 835 418
email: empleo@elix-polymers.com
Procurement Department
Tel: +34 977 835 593
Accounting Department
Tel: +34 977 835 455
General Administration Department
Tel: +34 977 835 478


For inquires please contact our sales team.

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