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ELIX pre-coloured ABS solutions


In the different applications where ABS and ABS blends are used, aesthetics is key to differentiate product value and improve its quality perception. Parts may pass very stringent aesthetics requirements for their approval, including long-term performance under different conditions. Furthermore, the colour harmony needed for the different parts to match together highlights the importance of meeting strict colour tolerances between different materials and batches.

ELIX pre-coloured ABS materials offer benefits in terms of colour stability and risk reduction, when compared to masterbatch solutions for self-colouring. ELIX has more than 40 years’ experience developing colours for their customers in different industries, and different tools are available for accurate and fast colour developments, including several colorimeters, light cabins and Xenotest weathering chamber.

Based on the OEM colour, gloss targets and mould texture, the best pre-coloured solution is offered. The pigment formulation will be also optimised in the case that other functionalities such as biocompatibility, chemical compliance or weathering requirements are needed. Thanks to the different developed colour technologies, ELIX products can cover a wide range of applications and industries, from low gloss finish used in interior automotive parts to a very high gloss surface, which is common in appliances or toys.


Standard Application

Interior automotive applications, visible parts in consumer goods and appliances, healthcare applications.

R+D concept

“The aim of ELIX was to be a reference in offering pre-coloured solutions, meeting the strict requirements of customers in the different sectors in terms of gloss, colour tolerances and long-term durability, as well as added value such as laser marking performance or regulatory compliance”.


More than 300 active colours available, approved by OEMs from different industries.
Able to work with digital and physical colour master. Facilities at ELIX laboratories:
• Xenotest chamber
• Colorimeters and spectrophotometers
• Gloss meters
• Light cabins
• Twin-screw extruders with gravimetric feeding system scalable to our production lines
• Moulds with OEM-approved textures


Different pre-coloured solutions available, including:
• High gloss/low gloss solutions
• UV-resistant solutions
• Optimised laser marking formulations
• Biocompatibility compliance
Strict quality control implemented to ensure colour consistency from batch to batch.
Reduced cycle times as there is no need to mix MB with natural material during injection moulding.
Recognised colour development laboratory by OEMs.


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