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Contributing to the circular economy approach via the ISCC PLUS certification, which provides traceability along the supply chain and verifies that companies meet high sustainability requirements.


Innovative recycled and bio-based ABS and ABS blend materials that support the circular economy, replacing fossil-based resources with circular and bio-based feedstocks while promoting the responsible use of sustainable resources through close cooperation along the whole supply chain.

Plastics have become an essential part of our daily life and are used in very diverse applications as the preferred choice due to their many benefits. However, the lack of waste management of these plastics at the end of their service life has a huge impact on the environment. Implementing a circular economy model is a fundamental step towards combating this ecological impact.

As a milestone in its circular economy strategy, ELIX Polymers has obtained the ISCC PLUS certification for its production facility in Tarragona, being the first producer of ABS and ABS blends that is certified with the ISCC PLUS system.

ISCC PLUS certification is a global sustainability certification system that covers all sustainable feedstocks, including recycled and bio-based materials. This certification provides traceability along the whole supply chain. Mass balance approach is applied to support the circular economy, where ISCC PLUS verifies that the total amount of sustainable feedstock (input) is allocated to the equivalent amount of circular ABS or ABS blend plastic (output).



  • Offer up-cycling recycled solutions, preserving the functionality in final customer applications. 
  • Support the circular economy through close cooperation with upstream and downstream value chain partners.


  • Using mass balance approach, sustainable and fossil materials are mixed; segregated in bookkeeping.
  • The equivalent amount of ISCC-compliant ABS has been sourced from recycled raw materials, which are also ISCC-compliant (input equivalent to output).
  • All relevant elements of the supply chain must obtain a certificate in order to be able to handle sustainable materials.


  • ISCC certification can be applied to the entire ELIX portfolio, with the same characteristics as our regular high-quality and pre-coloured products, and meeting the most stringent regulations and standards.
  • Products with carbon footprint reduction.
  • Third-party certification to verify compliance with sustainability and traceability requirements.


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