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ELIX ABS with extra high gloss


The ELIX ABS product manufacturing process involves the polymerisation of the rubber phase through an emulsion process, which ensures a perfect control of the rubber phase growth and an excellent glossy finish surface. This intrinsic high gloss characteristic is highly valued in many sectors such as household appliances, consumer goods, E&E or toys, where ELIX has earned a great reputation for expertise in providing high gloss solutions adapted to a wide range of colours. 

Moving a step further, ELIX has recently launched a new development that satisfies customer´s needs in those cases where an extra high gloss finish is required. This new formulation makes it possible to increase the gloss level, maximising colour depth and ensuring good processability and mechanical properties. 

Thanks to the different developed technologies, ELIX grades cover a wide range of applications, from low gloss to very high gloss finish surfaces.



Standard Application

Household appliances, interior decorative parts for automotive sector, sport equipment. 

R+D concept

“The aim of our project was to provide innovative material solutions for highly aesthetic applications where extra high gloss is an added value for our customers” 

Market Field

Household appliances, consumer goods, automotive, E&E.


Formulation optimized to obtain an extra high gloss appearance with strong mechanical properties.
Applicable to all ELIX ABS grades. 
Applicable to a wide range of colours.
Achievable gloss values of up to 98 GU in black colours. 



Improved formulation and pigment dispersion, leading to an enhancement in mechanical properties and processability.
Improved visual appearance and colour intensity.
Possibility of covering from low gloss to extra high gloss applications.
Achievable piano black/deep black effect.
Non-painting solutions, reducing production costs.



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