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Exterior B-Pillar covers 


The B-Pillar cover is a highly demanding part in technical and aesthetic terms that forms part of a complex assembly with other components. 

The B-pillar is normally a two-component part that combines ABS or ABS/PC, material that provide the structural part and where high temperature and impact resistance are needed, with polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), a material that gives this aesthetic exterior part extra high gloss and UV weathering protection. Aesthetics is a key aspect for this application, where light reflection must create a clear mirror effect. So, apart from the above properties, a material with good processability, surface quality and compatibility with PMMA material is required.



Recommended ELIX grades for B-pillar applications

ELIX ABS HH 3110, one of the ELIX high heat ABS grades with a Vicat B50 of 108ºC, is a material successfully used in B-pillars under 2K injection of ABS and PMMA, resulting in excellent surface quality parts selected for different projects.

ELIX HH 3110 is approved by GM under GMW15572-T3, Ford under WSS-M4D690-B1, PSA under RMA-0019+0021, Daimler under DBL 5404.82 and listed in Renault/Nissan (PMR 2019).
ELIX ABS/PC Ultra HH4115HI is also chosen by our customers for this application, particularly due to its high strength and temperature resistance, and for its low density compared to PC/ABS. Another advantage is its very high impact strength (53 kJ/m² at 23 °C y 40 kJ/m² at -30 °C, according to ISO 179-1eA), which offers an excellent performance in the puncture impact test. The results obtained in this test have received a very positive rating from several premium car manufacturers.

BMW has approved it under its GS 93016 specification, GM under GMW 15572P-T4, and Daimler under DBL 5404.83.

ELIX ABS H801, an ABS modified with PC, is another material recommended for B-pillar applications due to its high stiffness (tensile modulus and flexural modulus of 2400 MPa and 2300 MPa, respectively) and impact strength, in combination with very good thermal resistance.

There is a wide range of applications in the automotive sector in which ELIX ABS H801 has demonstrated its excellent performance and quality level over the years. ELIX H801 conforms to BMW GS93016, Daimler 5404.79, Ford WSS-M4D827-A3 and GM GMW 15572P-T3/T4 and GMW15572P-T1 specifications.

In addition to these ELIX ABS materials, ELIX has an extensive portfolio of products that meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry and are suitable for high-heat, low-emission applications. The choice of the material to be used (ABS, ABS modified with PC or PC/ABS) will depend on the requirements specified by the different OEMs. 


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