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In functional and decorative chrome plating applications, metal adhesion is a key factor in ensuring the quality of the part over time. This is something that automotive OEMs have considered in their technical requirements, including adhesion tests such as peel strength or cross-cut tests in their standards. Apart from the material, processing conditions and mould geometry also affect the adhesion values. Therefore, for complex parts where high adhesion may be difficult to achieve, the selection of a material with improved metal adhesion is important to fulfil OEM requirements.

In this sense, and with the aim of creating value for our customers through innovation, ELIX has launched its new ABS 3095PG. This material satisfies the requirements for complex plating parts where high adhesion and performance after thermal cycle test is essential, showing an increase in adhesion values in comparison with standard ABS plating grades.


Typical Application

Automotive interior parts: Decorative centre control parts, decorative door panel and handle parts.
Automotive exterior parts: Front grill frame, exterior trim, tailgate handles, emblems.
Consumer goods: Shower heads and other sanitary chrome parts, cosmetic packaging, chrome kitchen products.

R+D concept

“Our project aim was to create a tailor-made solution adapted to those applications that require the use of an ABS with additional adhesion performance in chrome plated moulded parts”.

Market Field

Appliances, sanitary, automotive, cosmetics.


  • High impact strength, even at low temperatures.
  • Excellent adhesion performance in plating technologies.
  • Tested and approved for different chrome plated automotive and sanitary parts.


  • Designed ABS plating formulation for complex geometry moulded parts where higher adhesion is critical.
  • Improved performance after thermal cycle tests.


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