High reflection ELIX ABS grades for back reflector panels

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ELIX ABS with high reflectivity


Traditionally, control panels with light sources need materials with high reflection and opacity to maximise light efficiency and avoid light leakages, especially when low wall thicknesses are used. These materials have special colour formulations with a very large quantity of pigments to achieve the required performance. ELIX has developed optimised formulations leading to improvements in mechanical properties and processability in comparison with other high reflection ABS alternatives available in the market. In addition to the above improvements, a reduction in density is obtained, with the same values in reflection and light transmission. 

This solution allows the design of optimal light blocking walls with sufficient opacity to avoid light bleeding and with high reflection, in order to maximise light efficiency even with very low wall thicknesses.


Typical Application

LED lights, reflectors, light guides, electronic interfaces, backlit buttons.

R+D concept

“The aim of our project was to offer an alternative to other high reflection ABS solutions available in the market, optimising the formulation to improve the material properties while maintaining the same reflection and opacity values.”

Market Field

Household appliances, consumer goods, E&E, automotive.


Applies to all ELIX ABS grades available to meet the different technical requirements, i.e., high flow, high heat resistance, high impact.

Better pigment dispersion and effectivity, allowing a reduction in pigment concentration.

Improved formulation for optimal flowability in applications where low thickness parts are required.


Several advantages over high reflection ABS products available in the market:

  • Better mechanical properties and impact strength 
  • Better flowability
  • Reduction in density

Best choice for applications where light blocking and high reflection walls are needed.


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