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ELIX CC products.


ELIX has designed a new brand of products called Chemical Compliance (CC) ABS to fulfil the complex regulation in applications involving food contact, toys or cosmetic packaging. In these CC products ELIX takes care of a large portion of the work involved in verifying and guaranteeing that not only our ABS materials, but also all the components present in our materials – pigments and additives for example – are compliant with the law in a specific application.

Our product stewardship department carries out a pre-assessment of the application targeted, and based on the material required, the conditions of use and the regulation applied, individualised certificates are provided for each specific application.

This new CC product line and consulting service provides a level of compliance support superior to that usually provided by material suppliers, and it is targeted at customers who have a particular commitment to the safe use of their products and who require the materials to exceed the standards required by law.


Typical Application

Appliances (coffee machines), houseware (food and liquid saver bowls), sanitary (shavers), toys, cosmetic packaging.

R+D concept

“Our project aim was to offer a product line for consumer sectors with special requirements on safety aspects of materials, helping our OEMs to carry out their product verification and stewardship processes.”

Market Field

Food contact, toys, consumer goods, cosmetic packaging.


Several CC grades are available, depending on the customer needs.

Reinforced quality procedures applied during production of CC products, which may be adapted to the specific requirements of our customers and OEMs.

Extended services, including regulatory compliance documents and product quality and supplementary safety tests if needed.

Compliance with the food contact regulations of the most important markets in the globe: Europe, America, Asia*.


Individualised certificates to offer additional guarantees on regulatory compliance during the lifetime of the finished product.

Vast experience in supplying materials to industries subject to strict safety regulations.

Technical support to recommend the best solution for each application, based on:

  • Application description.
  • Conditions of use and substances involved.
  • Material/colour combination.
  • Regulation.
  • Market region.


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