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Technical support during the painting process of ELIX ABS and PC/ABS grades.


Many applications involving ELIX products require post-processing including painting, flocking or metallising, where ELIX grades show excellent performance as substrate for these applications.

Focused on the painting process, every ELIX grade has high wettability and surface energy, assuring low scrap rates and high adhesion, with no need for pre-treatments. However, there are many other factors during the painting process that affect the quality of the parts, in addition to different paint systems and solvents that add complexity to the process. In this sense, the ELIX technical team has the expertise to support our customers during the injection and painting process when facing issues.



ELIX is committed to offering the best technical service, working hand-in-hand with our customers during each step of the project, including post-processing. To that end, the ELIX technical team assists our customers during production when facing some of the most common defects in painted parts (streaks, craters, pinholes, blistering), helping to identify the root cause and providing a procedure to solve the issues.


  • Excellent paintability of ELIX ABS grades.
  • Cross-cut tests (DIN EN ISO 2409) and other OEM standards performed on ELIX grades with satisfactory results.
  • ELIX laboratory facilities with special testing to detect possible issues generated during the injection process that may affect the results after painting, i.e., residual stress of the part.
  • Painting troubleshooting guideline available on request.


Technical assistance during the injection/painting process in the customer´s facilities, helping them to identify the root cause when dealing with certain issues or to optimize the process.

Extensive knowledge of the painting process, including paint systems and suppliers, as well as painting parameters that affect the quality of the parts.


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