ELIX ABS with gloss reduction for automotive applications

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ELIX ABS with gloss reduction.


ELIX ABS is characterised for its excellent glossy finish surface, widely used in sectors such as appliances, consumer goods, E&E or toys, where an attractive appearance is needed. However, automotive OEMs require low gloss levels for non-painted, interior applications. This can be achieved by modifying the mould surface roughness or moulding conditions, but in the long term, the mould surface and thus gloss levels may vary. In order to provide customised solutions to our customers when facing gloss issues due to excessively glossy ABS surfaces, ELIX has developed a new package that decreases the gloss level in the moulded parts, obtaining an excellent appearance with even gloss, and fulfilling OEM requirements in the long term.


Typical Application

Automotive interior applications (door components, rear and front sills, pillars, trims).

R+D concept

“Our project aim was to offer solutions for automotive interior parts where lower gloss levels are required in comparison with standard emulsion ABS, making it possible to work with softer injection conditions.”

Market Field



  • Good lower gloss surface quality compared to standard emulsion ABS.
  • Adjusted to different colour solutions.
  • Additive quantity adapted to meet the OEM requirements.
  • Gloss data available with different standard OEM grains.


  • Non-painting solutions, reducing production process.
  • No significant alteration of the technical properties of the material.
  • No need of using higher melt temperatures than recommended to obtain the desired gloss results on grain surface.
  • Possibility of combining with UV protection packages to meet weathering requirements (data available upon request).


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