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ELIX Ultra HH4115PG


ELIX ABS/PC Ultra HH 4115PG was developed for use in plating applications where very high technical requirements are needed. This material fulfils the requirements of a PC/ABS grade but also offers several competitive advantages. Its lower density and easier processability as compared to PC/ABS grades with a higher PC content make this grade very attractive in applications where PC/ABS is used. In addition, the excellent dispersed rubber phase through grafting and particle size control ensures high quality plating performance and metal adhesion.


Typical Application

Automotive interior parts: Decorative centre control parts, decorative door panel and handle parts. Automotive exterior parts: Front grill frame, exterior trim, tailgate handles, emblems. ELIX Ultra HH4115PG is recommended for those applications where hard requirements are needed, i.e., extreme high heat or impact strength. ELIX Ultra HH4115PG is approved by Renault-Nissan (PMR2019), Daimler (DBL 5404.AA77), and General Motors (GMW15581P-ABS + PC-T7).

R+D concept

“Our project aim was to strengthen our position in the plating market by developing a new grade suitable for applications where higher temperature or impact resistance than P2MC and HHP2MC grades is required, providing a solution in applications where PC/ABS is used.”

Market Field



  • Vicat B120=115 ºC (B50=113 ºC).
  • Extreme high impact strength of 58 KJ/m2.
  • Excellent compatibilisation between PC and ABS phases to ensure optimal performance after plating.
  • Adhesion, thermal cycle and cross-cut test analyses carried out on plated parts with successful results, fulfilling the requirements of the OEMs.
  • Tested and approved by several automotive OEMs.


Several advantages over a PC/ABS material:

  • Lightweight.
  • Better flowability.
  • Lower processing temperatures.
  • Lower cost.
  • Special material formulation dedicated to electroplating process requirements, ensuring high quality for class A surfaces.


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