Full protection technology thermal-UV-humidity for ELIX ABS grades

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Different UV protection packages available for ELIX ABS products.


ELIX has developed full protection packages to maintain the colour stability in parts from several sectors (consumer, E&E, appliances or automotive) under thermal, UV and humidity exposure at long term. The development of these packages allows passing simulated solar radiation tests such as EN ISO 4892 or other standards required by different OEMs. 
Several packages have been developed to cover most of 
the applications and customer requirements. The selection of the most suitable one is done by our Technical experts based mainly on the application requirements, material composition/additives and colour. Information such as sunlight and time exposure, environment humidity and temperature or standard norm required is necessary in order to recommend the best UV package for each application.


Typical Application

Washing machine panel, refrigerator door handle, dishwasher and dryer front door, switches cover, telephone, automotive interior applications.

R+D concept

“Our project aim is to find the best stabilizer package 
for interior ABS applications in environments where the combination of thermal, UV and humidity conditions reduce the colour stability.”

Market Field

Home appliance, E&E, automotive


  • High stability at long term. 
  • Suitable for pre-coloured ABS applications.
  • Also available for non-coloured ABS resins that can be combined with customized masterbatch.
  • ELIX ABS protection guideline available.
  • Accelerated weathering tests available.*


Minimum alteration of the technical properties of the material.
Technical expertise to recommend the best stabilizer package for each application, depending on:

  • Sunlight exposure
  • Humidity and temperature
  • Standard norm required
  • Grade/colour combination


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