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The Value Sensitive Design (VSD) methodology permits the systematic assessment of responsible innovation.


Assessment of values such as sustainability, environmental protection and health issues applied to both product and business development. These values are analysed using ethical and moral responsibility criteria.



Product Development: ELIX ABS-NF, ELIX Bio-ABS, New High Heat ABS Portfolio
Customer Application: Replacement of PVC with ABS for plastic credit cards, ABS/PC vs PC/ABS.
Recyclability Assessment: Feasibility study of recyclability in a customer thermoforming process, maintaining the initial properties.


Product development based on VSD responsible innovation criteria.

  • Introduction of Carbon Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) when appropriate.
  • Analysis of customer applications from the environmental perspective.
  • Technical support and recyclability assessment of customer moulded part.


Create partnerships and loyalty with our customers. ELIX upholds the belief that:
Responsible Innovation = Competitiveness + Sustainability.
Innovation and Continuous Improvement: ELIX focuses on identifying opportunities to improve and add value to the thermoplastics market, developing new lines of business and innovative products, as well as constantly optimising its technical support and services. ELIX prioritises the most environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. We are committed to research and development in order to offer a more sustainable product portfolio.
VSD (Value Sensitive Design) tool at the early stages, to involve the customers in:

  • Identifying the values that take part in the design phase. 
  • Introducing them as design requirements.
LCA (Life Cycle Assessment): Improve processes, select suitable materials and make decisions by comparing the full range of environmental effects attributable to products and services. This is done by quantifying all inputs and outputs of material flows and by assessing how these material flows affect the environment.


  • The assessment takes into account the benefits and harm that a particular new development can generate so that the company can select the most sustainable scenario.
  • Customers can get information about the Life Cycle Assessment of a specific material, comparisons between different materials for the same application or support on the recyclability assessment.
  • We are responsible for what we create and this is our chance to create something better for the environment and for people.
  • Value Sensitive Design allows us to review the impact of our products from the point of view of ethics and morals and select the best choice from among the various options presented to us.


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