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Proactive technical support during the processing of ELIX ABS grades


ELIX Polymers offers a wide range of injection moulding grades for several applications and sectors. In injection moulding, factors such as machine specifications, injection parameters, compound properties and mould geometry will affect the final properties and quality of the moulded part, as well as the post-processing results. In this sense, ELIX is committed to offering the best technical service, working together with our customers in all the steps of the project. ELIX technical service supports customers online and in house, taking part in the line trials to ensure good quality parts.


Standard applications

Help injection moulders to run their projects smoothly without problems that lead to costly situations.

Offer support at the initial stage of the project to select the right equipment, tools and processing parameters.

Assist injection moulders during production when facing some of the most common defects, helping to identify the root cause and providing a procedure to solve the issues.

Support on other technologically advanced injection processes (Roctool, gas assist injection…).

Improve the post-processing performance of parts, such as painting or chrome plating.


Downloadable injection guideline available at ELIX website, including:

  • Machine selection and auxiliary equipment
  • Advice in processing parameters:
    • Drying conditions
    • Setting temperatures
    • Screw speed and back pressure
    • Injection and holding phase
    • Cooling time
  • Cleaning the plastification unit
  • Troubleshooting guideline

Moldflow .udb and Moldex3D .mtr files available to help moulders to design the tools and accurately predict the behaviour of the material in terms of warpage, filling, packing and dimensional properties.

Online and in customer house assistance in the adjustment of process parameters and in the postprocessing of parts (chrome plating, painting, welding, etc.).


At ELIX Polymers we are fully committed to delivering the best service based on flexibility, proximity to customers, proactivity and tailor-made service solutions.

The optimisation of factors involving injection moulding is key to obtain the desired properties and quality of the final parts. In this regar, wide experience and knowledge in injection moulding processes and in ELIX ABS materials allows our technical team to give the best support to our customers during the processing of the material.


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