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Laser-markable ELIX ABS grades


ELIX Polymers has developed special ABS laser-markable grades that improve the contrast and resolution of aesthetic laser marking on visible ABS components.

Laser marking technology avoids the use of inks, glues, solvents and other chemicals used in subsequent secondary processes (painting & printing), saving costs and reducing the environmental impact of the final solution.

Therefore, this technology is aligned with the responsible innovation criteria for product development, as part of the innovation strategy of ELIX Polymers.


Standard applications

Front panels, smart cards, medical devices, others.

R&D concept

Our project aim was to develop ABS formulations that improve the aesthetic marking quality using various laser marking technologies currently on the market.

Market scope

Cosmetics, automotive, E&E, household appliances, medical, promotional.


  • Several laser-markable ELIX ABS grades available to fulfil the different technical requirements.
  • Applicable to different colours obtaining optimal contrast and resolution.
  • Biocompatible laser marking additive available for medical applications.
  • Support in identifying optimal parameters producing the best results using different technologies currently available on the market.


  • Constant development of ABS formulations that improve aesthetic marking quality in different lasermarking technologies.
  • Optimisation of the laser-markable grades adapted to different irradiation sources (UV, IR, Green laser).
  • Innovative high added-value products by applying responsible innovation.
  • Technical knowledge to transfer to real products and industrial processes.


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