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ELIX Polymers showcases benefits of ABS plating grades portfolio


Fakuma 2017: ELIX Polymers showcases benefits of ABS plating grades portfolio

ELIX Polymers, a leading manufacturer of ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) resins and derivatives in Europe, has highlighted its portfolio of ABS and ABS/PC materials capable of being metallized by electroplating. This technology is used extensively in Automotive applications such as radiator grilles, logos, profiles, tailgate handles, and decorative interior parts.

Building on nearly 2 decades of experience in electroplating technology, ELIX Polymers has made significant investments in its ABS electroplating over recent years. At Fakuma 2017, the ELIX Polymers team showed its ABS plating grades portfolio.

Following a sustained programme of process improvements, ELIX was able to obtain the highest purity of ABS, leading to a better surface quality in finished parts. Improvements to the rubber emulsion step and to SAN mass polymerisation at the core of the manufacturing process for the ABS plating grade led to the introduction in 2016 of an improved version of P2MC as well as a high heat version, HH P2MC, and a platable ABS/polycarbonate (ABS/PC) blend, Ultra HH4115PG. All grades in the portfolio have special material formulations dedicated to electroplating process requirements, ensuring high quality for class A surfaces.

HH P2MC, with similar behaviour to P2MC in terms of processability and properties, offers a Vicat B120 of 105°C. In addition, the material has several other advantages over other platable high heat grades in the market, such as compliance with automotive low emission requirements and low density.

For applications where even higher temperature resistance or impact strength is required, Ultra HH4115PG, an ABS modified with PC, offers very competitive advantages over PC modified with ABS grades in terms of processability, lightweighting and costs. Adherence of the metal phase is also one of its strong points.

According to Antonio Prunera, Head of Quality and Business Development, ELIX Polymers is able to offer these advanced materials thanks to a sustained programme of focused investments: “ELIX Polymers is the only thermoplastic producer that can offer a complete portfolio of ABS and ABS/PC materials capable of being metallized by electroplating, suitable for the most stringent market needs.”