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ELIX Polymers to collaborate in a social sports project with Tarragona Football Club

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, ELIX Polymers has decided to collaborate with a Social Action Project aimed at encouraging children with limited means, by giving them the opportunity to take part in sports activities which contribute to their wellbeing.

This action of solidarity will be carried out through TARRAGONA FOOTBALL CLUB (a non-profit organisation), which has a grant system to help families with less economic means, based on one of the fundamental aspects of its philosophy: “We don’t want any child to give up football for financial reasons”.

ELIX Polymers will also sponsor the Running division of Tarragona Football Club, which is made up of 12 runners, all of whom are members of the ELIX workforce.

On Monday 22 May, the agreement was signed at the Tarragona Football Club headquarters, with representatives from the Club’s Board of Directors and the company ELIX Polymers in attendance.

Noelia Vázquez, HR and Communication Director at ELIX Polymers, explained: “As a corporate policy, and in order to have a positive impact on the social environment and territory in which we operate, we will continue to support different social and healthy-living activities which have a positive effect on our employees and those close to them, including their children, families and community. And what better an opportunity than to support the actions of a club in the city of Tarragona”.