ELIX Polymers renews CSR Responsible Company certification

On 1 March, chemicals company ELIX Polymers renewed its CSR Responsible Company certification for the Responsible Care voluntary programme, awarded by FEIQUE (Spanish Federation of Chemical Industries), which represents and manages this International Programme in Spain.

This certification attests to the ELIX Polymers commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, as obtaining its renewal involves fulfilling a series of strict requirements in the following areas: Ethics and values, Human resources, Environment, Supply chain, Customers, Local community, Communication and dialogue.

For companies that are part of the Responsible Care programme who fulfil the requirements set out, the authorisation for application of this hallmark began on 1 March 2015 and ended on 1 March 2017. It has a validity period of two years, which can be extended, and the new period is now under way until 1 March 2019.

One of the aims of this initiative is to provide companies with a visible recognition of their commitment to CSR policies, demonstrating their contribution in this area to public and private bodies, relevant institutions and society as a whole.

Judith Banus, Head of the Corporate Social Responsibility Programme at ELIX Polymers, explained: “As a company, we believe that encouraging and incorporating a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy improves transparency and value in markets, and strengthens the company’s reputation as a reliable entity. This allows us to provide the best quality products and services, increase our added value and, above all, improve our contribution to society”. She added: “We are proud to have once again renewed this highly important certification, which we have had since 2008. We would like to congratulate the whole ELIX Polymers team, as our day-to-day operations play a part in fulfilling these continuous improvement requirements”.

Having been implemented for over 22 years in Spain, Responsible Care is the chemicals industry’s voluntary initiative for continuous improvement in Health, Safety and Environmental protection in all operations, in accordance with the principles of Sustainable Development and CSR. Currently, 60% of Spanish chemical production is carried out by companies which are part of the Responsible Care programme.