ELIX Polymers launches new food-contact grade

ELIX Polymers has launched a new ABS grade for use in products that come into contact with food and which also require extra toughness and resistance to high temperatures. Target applications include kitchenware, products for preparation and storage of food, and also toys. The new M545TF grade will enhance the company’s Healthcare portfolio, which already includes grades for medical devices, cosmetics, food contact applications and toys.

The latest grade has been migration tested with different food simulants. This enables ELIX Polymers to advise its customers about migration issues and regulatory compliance during the product design phase, helping to prevent problems before they occur and shortening time to market.

M545TF can be supplied precolored, with ELIX taking the responsibility for compliance of the pigments with food contact regulations. ELIX Polymers’ current portfolio of FDA-approved colors already includes more than 120 active recipes; new colors are under continual development.

“ELIX Polymers offers a high level of service to our customers, especially for the healthcare portfolio,” says Aurelie Mannella, Industry Manager Healthcare at ELIX Polymers. “We are pleased to have gained a reputation among our customers as a company that consistently offers excellence in service, along with high-quality products and constant innovation. We have implemented a rigorous selection of our pigments and suppliers in order to be able to guarantee consistent and zero-risk solutions.”

Aurelie Mannella continues: “A series of actions have been implemented in order to assure no impact on extractables and leachables. For example, no use of colorants and dyes, dispersants or process aids is allowed in recipes, unless they are approved in the base material; only FDA/EU pigments are used.”

“This new grade has been developed as part of ELIX Polymers’ Innovation strategy of increasing added value to our Healthcare range,” says Carlos Müller, Business Director at ELIX Polymers. “ELIX Polymers has a portfolio in constant growth and development, in combination with an extensive package of innovative services.”