ELIX Polymers cuts lead times in bid to be benchmark for ABS supply

ELIX Polymers is reducing order-to-dispatch time down to just one week for the most popular products in its ABS portfolio. Lead times for all other ABS products are being cut to three weeks. “ELIX continues to excel in its mission to distinguish itself as the industry benchmark for quality and service,” says Narcis Vidal, supply chain director at ELIX Polymers.

A previously-announced € 3 million investment in a new compounding line at the company’s Tarragona, Spain production site, along with a constant focus on optimizing processes based on “lean” management and the adoption of a new system of forecasting, has enabled ELIX Polymers to improve flexibility in production and revolutionise the service it provides, Vidal says. The new compounding line, which starts production in September, is the company’s fifth dedicated to production of over 40 specialised ABS grades and ABS compounds in more than 300 colours.

“These actions form part of the company´s mission to provide an intelligent and differentiated service in addition to tailor-made solutions for our customers, Vidal says. “Having the flexibility to give a rapid and tailored response to our customers is key to distinguishing ELIX from our competitors and providing additional value to our customers.

“This latest move enables us to give our customers a competitive advantage by helping them to reduce their inventory, reduce administrative costs and eliminate risk in supply. This is one more step in the journey we have started—we have mechanisms in place to surpass these measures if our customers require.”

Carlos Müller, business director, adds: “In answer to the challenges posed in today’s competitive business environment, we look to form long-term partnerships with our customers. Reliability in supply is a fundamental competitive factor. The steps we have taken are a central part in ensuring this.”

ELIX Polymers’ investment in the new compounding line is part of its strategic objective to become a leading manufacturer of high quality pre-colored ABS resins and derivatives as well as tailor-made specialties used in automotive, healthcare, consumer, appliances and electronics applications. The new line incorporatea state-of-the-art technologies for thermoplastics compounding production, specifically for ABS and ABS blends. The investment, an important step forward in ELIX´s Excellence in Operations Program, will improve efficiency in operations and energy resources, whilst ensuring highest safety standards, ELIX Polymers says.