ELIX Polymers reaffirms its commitment to zero plastic pellet losses through OCS certification


ELIX Polymers reaffirms its commitment to zero plastic pellet losses through OCS certification

The company ELIX Polymers, a benchmark company in the manufacture of thermoplastics, has successfully passed an audit to obtain Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) certification and thus reaffirm its commitment to zero plastic pellet losses. This certification marks an important milestone for operations at ELIX Polymers, which has been firmly committed to the OCS programme ever since it was implemented in Europe.

The OCS programme is a voluntary global initiative of the plastics industry, whose objective is to prevent emissions into the environment of plastic particles (pellets, powder) that can be produced at any stage in the plastics value chain: production, handling, transportation, transformation and recycling.

This certification, based on the OCS Europe Certification Scheme, highlights ELIX’s ongoing commitment to sustainability efforts, which include minimising plastic leakage across the plastics supply chain. OCS certification verifies and confirms the work carried out by the company in recent years, involving the implementation of technical and organisational improvements in equipment and facilities, finding solutions to potential pellet waste and consistently initiating projects and improvements focused on minimising pellet loss, as well as employee training and awareness and efforts related to the value chain.

A collaborative approach is essential to tackling plastic pellet loss in every stage of the value chain. Therefore, ELIX Polymers, as part of its responsibility as a manufacturer, encourages its partners throughout the value chain to adhere to the highest principles of OCS and conduct their operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Francisco Durán, Head of Operations at ELIX Polymers, has shown great satisfaction with the company’s efforts to achieve the goal of Zero Pellet Loss: “OCS certification reflects our firm commitment to protecting the environment and adapting to and mitigating climate change. We are determined to continue leading the way in creating sustainable solutions”.

With this milestone, ELIX Polymers sets the benchmark for other companies in the region to follow suit and embrace similar practices in their operations.

The company will continue to work on developing and improving its standards, processes and facilities, thereby allowing it to grow every day and be a safer, more resilient and sustainable company.