ELIX Polymers pays homage to its suppliers with the “2023 Best supplier of the year award”


ELIX Polymers pays homage to its suppliers with the “2023 Best supplier of the year award”

The company ELIX Polymers, global leader in the manufacture of thermoplastics, has been recognising the collaboration and effort of its suppliers for many years. Through the “ELIX Polymers Outstanding Performance Award 2023”, the company wants to encourage and recognise the excellence, integrity, commitment, resilience and sustainable development of its suppliers.

In regard to 2023, ELIX Polymers has highlighted the collaboration of both Aurorium Netherlands BV, a company producing speciality ingredients and performance-enhancing materials for industries like mobility, infrastructure, sustainable packaging, personal care and healthcare, and DOMINION SERVICIOS MEDIOAMBIENTALES, environmental services company dedicated to industrial cleaning, treatment and waste transportation, choosing them as the best suppliers in 2023 and giving them the “ELIX Polymers Outstanding Performance Award 2023”.

“It is an honour to receive this recognition which validates the effort and commitment of our entire team in the constant search for excellence in the management of our services. For us, this award is not only testament to our commitment, but also an incentive to continue striving and exceeding expectations in the future. We hope to continue collaborating closely to achieve even higher standards of excellence in the future”, said Asier Arondo, Director of DOMINION SERVICIOS MEDIOAMBIENTALES.

“We are proud to receive the award for the best supplier from ELIX Polymers. Our relationship began several years ago and since then our team has worked hard to offer the best services and the best products possible. This award is a recognition of our efforts and we are committed to maintaining the highest performance standards in the future”, commented Jacob Hartstra, Sales and Market Development Manager of Aurorium Netherlands BV.

As part of ELIX Polymers’ mission to ensure speed and flexibility in responding to customer needs, proactively proposing optimal solutions, both suppliers have fully met expectations, making all their potential and resources available to ELIX, providing added value to its entire value chain, and creating solutions that meet the company's needs.

“It is important to create an ecosystem of suppliers with the same goals, challenges and objectives as us. We are a company with values and we want companies who share our vision and values by our side”, said Narcis Vidal, Operations & Supply Chain Director of ELIX Polymers.

For ELIX Polymers it is important to thank and acknowledge its suppliers for being a fundamental part that helps ELIX guarantee the quality of products and services in a flexible and agile way. For this reason, for 8 years now, ELIX Polymers has been acknowledging suppliers with this award which, in addition to adding value to ELIX’s operating processes, clearly show their support in the consolidation of its corporate strategy.

This year ELIX Polymers opted to give the event a solidarity focus, giving the winners trophies made by Ayúdame3D, a Spanish social entity which, thanks to 3D printing technology, helps vulnerable groups around the world with its 3D printed mechanical arms, called ‘trésdesis’. These solidarity trophies, custom designed for the occasion and using sustainable materials such as recycled and plant-based plastic, have been manufactured with the same 3D printers that change lives. In this way, ELIX Polymers directly contributes to the development of Ayúdame3D’s humanitarian aid around the world.