ELIX Polymers created solidarity calendar collaboration AFANOC Tarragona


ELIX Polymers has created a solidarity calendar in collaboration with AFANOC Tarragona

Within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, ELIX Polymers, a leading thermoplastics manufacturer, has decided to create a solidarity calendar in collaboration with AFANOC Tarragona (Association of Family and Friends of Children with Cancer of Catalonia), a private entity that offers comprehensive psychosocial support for children and young adults with cancer as well as for their families.

For the purpose of creating the corporate calendars for 2024, ELIX Polymers has requested the collaboration of the families of AFANOC Tarragona, organising a solidarity drawing contest titled "Draw your dreams". Of all the drawings received, 12 have been selected; one for each month of the year.

AFNAC - ELIX POLYMERS collaboration

For each drawing received, ELIX Polymers has agreed to make a donation to AFANOC Tarragona, with the aim of improving the quality of life of children and young adults with cancer and their families as well as improve their psychosocial health.

The act of making the donation took place at AFANOC Tarragona’s main office, where ELIX Polymers was represented by Mr. Sergi Pérez, Coordinator of the RSC Programme, and Mrs. Sandra Castanedo, Communication Technician. On behalf of AFANOC Tarragona, in attendance was the Coordinator, Mr. Jordi Rodríguez, and Ms. Anna Robert, Head of Communication.

Mr. Jordi Rodríguez said: "With the creation of this calendar, we want to thank ELIX Polymers for their collaboration, helping AFANOC gain greater visibility in our society. A collaboration that has also been strengthened by the economic donation that has helped us finance the projects we have in place with children and young adults with cancer and their families, with the aim of improving their quality of life".

"We would also like to highlight the joy and enthusiasm shown by the boys and girls that have entered a drawing in the contest and have shared their dreams", added Mr. Rodríguez.

Last year, ELIX Polymers created their 2023 calendar in collaboration with Fundació La Muntanyeta, a non-profit organisation engaged in the comprehensive care of children and young adults with cerebral palsy in the province of Tarragona.

ELIX Polymers will continue to promote solidarity by collaborating with and supporting local organisations.