BSH selects light blocking ABS material from ELIX Polymers for washing machine control panels

BSH Home Appliances has selected light blocking ABS grade from ELIX Polymers for the lightwell part behind the control panel of their latest washing machines. ELIX Polymers has developed a tailor-made light-blocking ABS to ensure precise illumination and controlled light with no leakage into neighbouring chambers. A washing machine’s control panel is an important part of the design and functionality of such appliances and is used in daily life in many households.

There have been good results thanks to a close technical cooperation between BSH and ELIX Polymers technical departments. Weight reductions and important cost reductions have been achieved as the ELIX ABS has a lower density compared to the previously used resin and very low wall thicknesses of just 0.5 mm have been achieved. Furthermore, the light blocking capabilities have been improved. For ELIX Polymers it is very important to offer the best-in-class technical service to their customers from the beginning of a project. From the selection of materials, regulatory support, colour development and part injection simulation to adjusting the injection moulding parameters at the customer’s production facility.

ELIX Polymers light blocking materials can be based on ABS, high-heat ABS, ABS/PC and also PC/ABS. They combine low transmission values and a high light reflection at very thin wall thicknesses thanks to its special material formulations and high flow. These materials are used in many other user-interface applications in the appliances sector such as dishwashers and coffee machines to improve the illumination quality and give high quality appearance to the final consumer. Applications in the automotive sector are light guides, LED reflectors and button back panels.