ELIX Polymers ISO 45001 occupational Health Safety certification


ELIX Polymers obtains the ISO 45001 occupational Health and Safety certification

ELIX Polymers, a global leading thermoplastics manufacturer, has recently obtained the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety certification, which certifies they are in compliance with the most stringent international standards related with occupational risk prevention.

The obtaining of this certification is voluntary and certifies organisations that provide safe and healthy work spaces, preventing possible injuries and damage through continuous improvement.

“This certification is the result of the good work that has been carried out throughout the last few years and our firm commitment with preserving the safety and health of all personnel at the company”, says Antonio Díaz, SHE Manager at ELIX Polymers.

Likewise, the company has renewed the certifications of standards ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 14001 for the Environment, as well as their compliance with standard ISO 50001 on Energy Efficiency.

Occupational Health and Safety, preservation of the Environment and Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Quality are the core aspects of ELIX Polymers' Management System. Through continuous improvement in these areas, the company contributes positively to its community as well as to its different interest groups.

ELIX Polymers will continue working in developing and improving their standards, processes and installations, allowing them to grow each day and be safer, more resilient and sustainable.