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E-LOOP H801 MR with mechanical recycled content is now available

ELIX Polymers, a global leader in specialised styrene-based thermoplastics, has recently launched the E-LOOP brand to collect new sustainable innovations. This brand is the result of the company’s ‘Circular Economy’ and ‘Responsible Innovation’ strategies, which aim is to increase the use of recycled materials in ELIX Polymer’s portfolio. Since the launch of the brand in February 2021, several materials and new possibilities have been added to the E-LOOP portfolio.

One of the first product launches inside the mechanical recycled materials group is the E-LOOP H801 MR, a countertype of the standard high heat and high impact grade ELIX ABS H801. This new grade has been formulated using post-industrial recycled polycarbonate as reinforcement to the ABS prime resin. This material is commercially available and is mainly used for exterior and interior painted applications; however, it can also be used as a pre-coloured alternative. High quality and safety of supply have been the two main objectives during the development, creating a material with a lower carbon footprint but with equivalent material properties as the standard fossil-based grade.

The paintability of the new E-LOOP H801 MR grade has been validated by several tier companies and paint suppliers. Tests based on the Daimler DBL 5425 and BMW GS94007 standards have been carried out to verify the paintability of the plastic substrate using several paint systems. The performance shown in all cases is equivalent to the standard alternative, including adhesion and surface quality characteristics. Furthermore, the PVD metallisation decorative process was validated by one of the largest companies in the production of lighting systems for the automotive industry with excellent results.

Paint and PVD metallisation validation tests are part of the high-quality requirements that ELIX Polymers is applying to the development of upcycling mechanically recycled materials with less restrictions of use in high performance parts, which also includes emission tests or extensive and high-quality characterisation levels for mould-filling simulation software.

ELIX E-LOOP H801 MR has been approved by a global Automotive OEM for use in exterior painted applications. ELIX is also working on getting approvals from the rest of OEMs.