ELIX Polymers colour laboratory receives certification from Renault design department

ELIX Polymers, a global leader in specialised styrene-based thermoplastics, has a wide product portfolio of precoloured ABS and ABS blends for the Automotive Industry. Especially in interior applications, aesthetics is key to differentiate product value and improve quality perception in the visible areas of cars. The colour harmony needed for the different parts to match together highlights the importance of meeting strict colour tolerances between different materials and batches.

Precoloured materials have many advantages in contrast to masterbatch solutions for self-colouring, such as colour stability, colour differences between batches and risk reduction. ELIX has extensive expertise in developing colours based on OEM requirements, including colours and gloss targets using different surface textures. The ELIX laboratory has several tools, for instance, twin-screw extruders, moulds with automotive OEM textures, colorimeters, light cabins and a Xenotest weathering chamber.

Recently, the ELIX colour laboratory in Tarragona was certified by the Renault design department, which means that ELIX can self-validate new or existing colours with new materials according to Renault specifications and colour approval procedures, instead of requiring an accredited third-party laboratory. Renault and ELIX have been working together for many years and several products from ELIX were approved in the latest Thermoplastics Renault Materials Panel (PMR). ELIX Polymers also offers Renault technical support at their Tiers where ABS is used for different applications, such as interior trim parts or chrome-plated exterior front grills.