ELIX Polymers gives its “2020 Best Supplier of the Year” award Bros Group


ELIX Polymers gives its “2020 Best Supplier of the Year” award to Bros Group

ELIX Polymers, in order to acknowledge the support provided by its suppliers in meeting the company’s objectives and challenges, has decided to highlight the cooperation of Bros Group, an Executive Search firm with expertise in identifying and recruiting talent, selecting them as the best supplier of the year 2020.

During the morning of 29 September, Antonio Sagardoy, CEO of Bros Group, and Francisco Benéitez, Business Unit Director, visited the facilities of ELIX Polymers. They were welcomed by David Castañeda, CEO of ELIX Polymers, Noelia Vázquez, People & Culture and Communication Director of ELIX Polymers, and Sergi Pérez, People & Internal Communication Responsible for ELIX Polymers. During their visit, they were awarded the ELIX Polymers Outstanding Performance Award 2020, in recognition of their commitment and dedication.

After more than 10 years of collaboration in different projects, Bros Group has remained a key partner in selecting the most complex and strategic professional profiles for the company as well as in different talent management and development projects. The rigorous criteria followed by ELIX when selecting the best supplier of the year are based on the cornerstone values of commitment, proactivity and sustainable growth, which are key factors for the success of this long and lasting professional partnership.

“This award is a recognition to the work of our entire team for more than 10 years now. The challenge in this sector is not only performing a good search or completing a specific project, but offering continuity by seeking continuous improvement and always expecting a little more from yourself”, stressed Antonio Sagardoy, CEO of Bros Group. Moreover, he added: “It is always a pleasure to work with customers such as ELIX Polymers, who truly place people at the centre of their activity. Thanks to their approachability, predisposition and empathy, we have achieved an excellent rapport, becoming authentic partners and achieving great results together”.

For her part, Noelia Vázquez commented: “Above great firms and putting the focus on people, we remain committed towards working with a consulting company that demonstrates a high degree of commitment and knowledge of ELIX in each process, which makes all the difference for us”.

People make ELIX, they are the key to our success. Therefore, being able to work with this type of supplier has a very positive impact, providing excellent results in the long term.