ELIX Polymers exhibits its new E-LOOP products made with recycled content at FAKUMA

After a year without trade fairs, ELIX Polymers is looking forward to exhibiting its new sustainable E-LOOP products and services. Fakuma 2021 will be held in Friedrichshafen, southern Germany, on October 12-16, and the specialty ABS supplier will be located at Stand 5002 in Hall B5 to show its latest innovations.

ELIX has placed all of its Circular Economy activities under the new E-LOOP brand name, which was launched successfully last February. The E-LOOP brand includes two strategic programmes from ELIX Sustainable Portfolio Solutions: Circular Plastics and Responsible Innovation.

The first products with mechanically and chemically recycled contents are already commercially available, and first orders have been produced and validated by customers. E-LOOP H801 MR is a product that contains mechanically recycled materials and has equivalent properties to those of prime material ELIX ABS H801, which is mainly used for high demanding interior and exterior Automotive applications. Global Tiers have already successfully tested this grade for several Automotive OEMs with full injection moulding tests, painting tests for high demanding exterior parts and metallisation tests for rear light housing parts. Technical data sheets (TDS), painting test results, mould-flow analysis and carbon-footprint calculations for the different products are available for OEMs and customers to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

These products are part of the more sustainable portfolio ELIX Polymers is planning to launch on the market and some other grades with different content and origin of recycled streams will be added soon. The benefits of this more sustainable product portfolio are the replacement of fossil-based resources with circular and sustainable feedstocks as well as the reduction in carbon-footprint.

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