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ELIX Polymers presents its 2020 Sustainability Report with a renewed approach

  • The report content is presented in accordance with the seven programmes that comprise the ELIX Polymers 2020-2025 Sustainability Action Plan (
  • To generate a positive impact, the company is working on four strategic lines: promoting a circular economy for plastics, making headway in mitigating climate change, guaranteeing ethics and social well-being and contributing to reducing biodiversity loss

ELIX Polymers has published its 2020 Sustainability Report. This document presents a novel approach compared to previous versions, as it introduces ELIX’s 2030 Sustainability Strategy in order to progress to the full integration into its activity of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to ensuring their fulfilment. The 2020 Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with the core option of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, the main international framework of reference for preparing documents of this type.

To deploy this sustainability strategy, ELIX has promoted seven programmes within the 2020-2025 Sustainability Action Plan. This plan aims to take action on the four basic lines that comprise the sustainable vision of ELIX Polymers: promote a circular economy for plastics, work on adapting and mitigating climate change, guarantee ethics in its business model and contribute to reducing biodiversity loss. Its scope of application is extended across the entire value chain, from raw material extraction to the end consumer, paying special attention to the local community.

In relation to the environment, ELIX has reduced its GHG emissions from production as well as the quantity of waste generated, in particular, hazardous waste. ELIX has maintained its energy efficiency and circular water use management programmes.

The key aspects of the Report are: Circular Plastics, through which ELIX intends to promote a circular economy for thermoplastics and the recovery/reuse of products; Responsible Innovation to improve the sustainability of materials and promote the design of recyclable, reusable products; Climate Care, by continuing its energy efficiency and waste management programmes and implementing new technologies in renewable energies as well as compensating its carbon footprint; by means of a Sustainable Supply Chain to reduce the environmental and social impact caused by its activity through a chain of local suppliers; promoting the development of people through training for its employees and with a high percentage of open-ended contracts; basing its activity on good governance and ethics in order to internally and externally expand the company’s values; and lastly, supporting the local community, improving community well-being across the value chain and also through the preservation and regeneration of local ecosystems.

David Castañeda, CEO of ELIX Polymers, had this to say: “Working with a focus on sustainability will enable us to take part in ensuring the transformation of the chemical industry into a sustainable model, thus allowing us to continue to be a company of reference in the high quality thermoplastics sector.”

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