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ELIX Polymers successfully participated in the RIS3CAT 3D-printing research project

ELIX Polymers participated in the RIS3CAT TRANSPORT research project co-financed by EU FEDER funds, Catalonia 2014-2020. The goal was to develop ABS products for Additive Manufacturing with a special focus on the transportation industry and its highly demanding applications.

The Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) grades have already been validated by filament producers, 3D printer makers and final part manufacturers. ELIX products that are used for the transport industry are a general-purpose grade (ELIX ABS-3D GP), high impact grade (ELIX ABS-3D HI) and ABS/PC blend (ELIX ABS/PC-3D). The products can be used for prototypes, spare parts, and also serial, functional parts.

During the project, the Alstom Transport logo was printed via FFF with ELIX ABS-3D GP material. The part was then chemically polished and chrome plated with the Covertron® process from Atotech, a fully Cr6-free process which meets current chemical regulations.


ELIX Polymers has also developed a grade that fulfils EU regulation 10/2011 covering plastics intended for food contact, as well as biocompatibility standards ISO 10993-1 and USP class VI) for medical applications (ELIX ABS-3D FC). ELIX donated this material in response to the high demand of hospitals for the production of medical masks, valves for ventilators and other medical devices to support the fight against COVID-19.


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