Circular economy, sustainability, E-LOOP


ELIX Polymers and Polyscope Polymers cooperating in specialty materials for Automotive interior applications

  • High rubber content ABS for XIRAN® products to produce sunroof modules

ELIX Polymers and Polyscope Polymers have been working together for years in specialty compounds for high demanding Automotive premium applications such as sunroof modules or other structural parts.

ELIX polymers modifier is used for the XIRAN® products of Polyscope. This high rubber content Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) modifier in powder form is used to improve the toughness of engineering thermoplastics and is also used by several compounding companies due to its high quality and superior impact strength performance at room & low temperature for polymer blends. The high rubber content ABS is part of the ELIX Polymers high-performance polymer modifiers product portfolio which also includes several SAN compounding grades used as base resin for colour concentrates.

XIRAN® outperforms many other plastics when it comes to the production of large and high precision components requiring dimensional stability, low creep, high temperature resistance, stiffness and low warpage. Its ability to mould within very tight tolerances makes XIRAN® the ideal material for complex and precise parts with high freedom in design, allowing multiple parts and functional features to be integrated in single shot moulding at no additional cost.

Sunroof frames are an excellent example in which XIRAN® compounds are used to produce large parts with high dimensional stability and low creep. The use of XIRAN® materials offers designers a weight and cost reduction while also offering products with even greater functionalities and value-added features.

Both companies are very active in the Circular Economy. ELIX Polymers launched E-LOOP for their Circular Economy activities, which covers all initiatives in terms of products, design and services. ELIX will continue to develop a more sustainable product portfolio and increase the amount of recycled material in their products. ELIX has obtained the ISCC PLUS certification for their production facility in Tarragona, being the first producer of ABS and ABS blends to be certified with this system. Furthermore, they are working on several mechanically recycled products that preserve functionality in final customer applications, thanks to extensive cooperation with their key-customers and their understanding of the requirements of each market segment.

Polyscope SMA copolymers have very good recyclability and in the sunroof application, metal parts could be replaced with their compounds, leading to a reduction in weight and high functional integration, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Polyscope leads the Circular Economy activities through the CLAUT (CircuLar Automotive) foundation. Within the foundation, programmes are coordinated across the full value chain to enhance the circularity potential from design to end of use with recycling, reuse or remanufacturing strategies. The Circular Economy activities also inspired Polyscope to become one of the founding fathers of the FAST Automotive Group, an EU-wide partnership between various companies along the Automotive Value Chain with the aim of increasing the innovation speed.