ELIX Polymers has presented as case study the incorporation of SAP C4C to its management

ELIX has been a pioneering company in the incorporation of this new tool into the customer management, leading their sector as far as SAP C4C is concerned, as an information technology solution in CRM. This new step forward is part of ELIX strategy focused on customizing their Supply Chain to customer ́s needs, offering logistic hubs; call off systems and other order management platforms in the cloud to increase their customers satisfaction.

The CRM System is a tool to manage all services around customers and use the knowledge about the specific requirements to offer personalized services. This makes ELIX more competitive in the market and optimizes the value chain from order entry, customers receiving their materials until issuing the related invoices.

“We are convinced that this project is another milestone in our customer driven market and business strategy. ELIX and our customer will benefit from this strategic investment”, said Ellie Taylor, Customer Service Manager of ELIX.