ELIX Polymers sixth place MEPS2 ranking good practices prevention


ELIX Polymers achieves sixth place in the MEPS2 ranking for its good practices in the prevention area

ELIX Polymers is not only a leader in the manufacture of thermoplastics, it is also a leader in Prevention Culture. Its commitment to Prevention Excellence has led to its inclusion among the Top 10 companies in the second edition of the MEPS2 ranking (Business Monitor of Excellence in Prevention, Safety and Health) developed by PRLInnovación.

More than 200 companies have taken part in this new MEPS2 edition, with the objective of assessing the degree of implementation and the success of their prevention policies and compare them with other companies from the same or different sectors. “Participating in this benchmarking project has allowed us to ascertain our level of development and maturity in the prevention area, encouraging us to continue to work on the creation of a prevention culture of excellence”, says Judith Banús, SHE & Site Services Manager at ELIX Polymers.

During recent years, ELIX Polymers has embarked on different strategic projects in order to go one step further in Prevention Culture. One of the most important projects was “Plan E”, a safety project based on organisation with the main mission of bringing about a change in conduct in relation to integral safety, through changing personal attitudes and acquiring positive collective values in labour welfare.

Another transversal project implemented by ELIX to promote the emotional, physical and social well-being of its staff is the “Feel Good” Healthy Company programme. An ambitious project that involves all the hierarchies of ELIX and contributes to promoting the health and quality of life of the company staff, improving their physical well-being through occupational safety and excellence in prevention, while also fostering their personal and professional development.

David Castañeda, CEO of ELIX Polymers, had this to say: “We are very proud to have been recognised as a company of reference in Safety, Health and Well-being, as this is a reward for our commitment and effort, aligned with the prevention and safety policy that we have implemented over the years”. In this respect, Ramir Melich, from the Occupational Health & Safety Service of ELIX, added: “We obtained a particularly high score in the strategy and leadership areas, along with a high Operational Excellence rating, which fills us with pride and encourages us to continue along this strategic path in prevention management”.

ELIX Polymers will continue to commit to initiatives that permit the consolidation of a safe and sustainable work environment, in order to make ELIX a safer and more comfortable company in which to work.