ELIX Polymers committed CorAvant Foundation Cromatic Running social project


ELIX Polymers is committed to the CorAvant Foundation and the Cromatic Running social project

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, ELIX Polymers has renewed its partnership agreement with CorAvant, a congenital heart disease foundation that operates in Catalonia, providing psychosocial care to children and adults affected by heart problems since childhood.

As is customary every year, ELIX cooperates with this foundation through a financial donation to support the different social projects it implements. One of the foundation's most important projects includes camps for boys, girls, and youths with congenital heart disease. The camps are called Aventuras.Cor, and they take place three times per year: at Christmas, over the Easter week and in the summer. ELIX Polymers will also support the foundation in all its psychological care services and in all the integration, information and awareness-raising projects that are carried out.

On the other hand, within the framework of the ELIX’s new Healthy Company programme, called “Feel Good”, the purpose of which is to energise strategic initiatives that promote a healthy work environment, the company has decided to support the Cromatic Running social sports project. In this initiative, 26 members of ELIX’s staff dedicate their hobby, running, to a charity cause, in which they raise funds with each kilometre they run. This allows CorAvant, together with the Congenital Heart Disease Association (AACIC), to continue to improve the quality of life of people affected by congenital heart disease.

For this reason, in April, a meeting was held on the ELIX facilities with representatives from CorAvant and Cromatic to sign both these partnership agreements.

Noelia Vázquez, HR and Communication Director at ELIX Polymers, explained: "We continue to support social and sports activities that have a positive influence on health and on the smiles of all those who are close to us".