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ELIX Polymers celebrates the 3rd edition of SAFETY WEEK

Within the framework of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which took place on April 28th, ELIX Polymers celebrated its third edition of Safety Week, from 24 to 26 April.

ELIX Polymers is very active and committed to carrying out continuous awareness campaigns on the importance of safety in people’s daily lives; in their personal as well as professional environments. Safety Week is an annual campaign with a large number of activities aimed at strengthening the safety culture as well as the physical, mental and social well-being of all its collaborators. Through this event, for several days we are able to put the spotlight on the integration of healthy habits in our workplace.

During this edition we have carried out a large number of activities, all of them defined under the umbrella of the Healthy Company programme, which has been introduced by the company this year in 2019 and is called Feel Good. The purpose of this new programme is to liven strategic initiatives that contribute to promoting a healthy working environment in accordance with the criteria established by the World Health Organisation. ELIX Polymers has adhered to the Luxembourg Declaration, which is a document that was drafted by the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion, and establishes the basic principles for properly managing the health of workers at the company.

With this programme the company will develop working guidelines focussed on acquiring habits aimed at promoting the well-being of the collaborators and their immediate environment such as personal development, emotional health, cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal health and age management.

All the activities that are carried out during Safety Week have been defined under these working guidelines, where the collaborators of the company have been able to take advantage of healthy habits workshops such as the Emotional Gym, providing them with tools for managing emotions and feeling good. Another leading activity was Masterchef, based on the popular TV show where apart from developing leadership and teamwork, other skills like negotiation and imagination also came into play.

In the area of occupational risk prevention, risk awareness activities were held such as the Escape Van, which purpose was to learn through role playing with a story and characters, in addition to having a global view of everything encompassing the preventive culture. Furthermore, other initiatives are worth mentioning, which promote participating in team sports such as Company games and the Virgin Challenge.

Likewise, during the week and as part of Safety Week, the company held award ceremonies such as the award to the employee who had participated the most in the Unsafe Situation Warning (ASI) programme, which recognises and encourages employee involvement and pro-activeness in the continuous improvement of workplace safety conditions. Another award that was presented in its second edition was the Safety Award to the best services company. On this occasion, company Gracia Riera was recognised for its effort in implementing good ORP practices at ELIX.

“The holding of this third edition of Safety Week consolidates an event, which aim is to carry out activities focussed on raising awareness in different occupational health areas. All by directly interacting with our collaborators for the purpose of achieving a safer and healthier working environment” concluded Judith Banús, SHE & Site Services Manager.