Sun Capital rewards ELIX Polymers company's growth


Sun Capital rewards ELIX Polymers for the company's growth

Last 29-31 January, ELIX Polymers received the “2018 OUTSTANDING RECENT EXITS” award within the framework of the Sun Capital Senior Leadership Summit held at Delray Beach, Florida.

The previous shareholder of ELIX Polymers, Sun Capital, wished to acknowledge and recognise the company’s commitment and its successful growth in different business aspects since its acquisition in 2012 and up to its recent sale to Sinochem International:

•           Introducing continuous improvement in manufacturing operations, supply chain and procurement.

•           Implementing a business intelligence system to create transparency on profitability drivers, which has led to better pricing and improved production efficiency.

•           Reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and increasing recovered waste, emphasising ELIX’s commitment to sustainability.

ELIX Polymers thanks Sun Capital for this recognition and for their trust in our company from 2012 to 2018. This award is the result of the commitment of all those who work at ELIX, and the daily effort that has enabled us to become a successful company and embark on a new phase under the management of Sinochem International.