ELIX Polymers gives 2018 Best Supplier Year award


ELIX Polymers gives its 2018 Best Supplier of the Year award

ELIX Polymers, in recognition of supplier collaboration on meeting the company’s objectives and goals, has once again decided to highlight the collaboration of both Repsol Química S.A., a supplier of petroleum derivative products, and Lifopir S.A., a company that specialises in cleaning services, therefore choosing them as the best suppliers of 2018 and awarding them with the ELIX Polymers Outstanding Performance Award 2018.

ELIX Polymers welcomed both suppliers at its facilities in December. The suppliers have placed all of their potential and resources at the disposal of ELIX, thereby providing added value to ELIX’s entire value chain and creating solutions that respond to its specific needs. The rigorous criteria considered by ELIX when selecting the best suppliers of the year are based on cornerstone values of ELIX, such as commitment, proactivity and sustainable growth, all of which are shared by our collaborators.

Repsol was received by Narcis Vidal, Supply Chain and Technology Services Director, and by David Castañeda, Operations and Business Development & Innovation Director. When presenting the award, David Castañeda affirmed: “Repsol has proven experience in its field and has been proactive in presenting ideas to us that add value to our business and our customers. Moreover, Repsol shares important aspects of ELIX Polymers’s mission, which is to differentiate itself and offer our customers the best custom solutions, with high quality in both products and services”.

On his part, Antonio Portela, Director of Intermediate Products from Repsol mentioned that: "Repsol always takes pride in receiving such prizes, but especially so, coming from one such relevant client, with whom we are fortunate to share a long-standing relationship and especially close in Tarragona". To which Leonardo Mascolo, LPG, Naphtha and Petrochemicals Director at Repsol, added: "This recognition reinforces our belief in committing to grow together with our customers, firmly convinced on placing our customers in the center of the business, considering them our most valuable asset."

Lifopir was received by Narcis Vidal, who delivered the 2018 Best Supplier of the Year award. Narcis highlighted that Lifopir has fully complied with ELIX Polymers’ expectations and commented, “We appreciate their proven great commitment to ELIX Polymers, having shown that they are always willing to work together and be proactive regarding any contingency”.

In turn, company director Alia Maria Claver Recio added: “What we appreciate the most about this recognition of our work is that it has been given by ELIX Polymers, a very important company for us, one with great international prospects and with whom we've been working for many years. This award is therefore very significant for us and highly valued”.

At ELIX Polymers, it is important for us to thank and acknowledge our suppliers, because they are an essential part of helping us to assure customer satisfaction with our products and services.