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ELIX develops ecolabel for more sustainable products

With the aim of placing the emphasis on manufacturing that is respectful with the environment and developing more sustainable products in their portfolio, recently, ELIX Polymers has implemented the first distinctive marking known as ECOLABEL (type II). 
A TYPE II ECOLABEL is an environmental self-declaration that is made using a label, which aim is to identify products or services that meet certain "environmentally-friendly" criteria during the manufacturing, use, sale or end of the service life of these products. 
This Ecolabel has been developed in compliance with the requirements specified in reference standard ISO 14021:2017, on recyclable products, renewable material and carbon footprint of the product.
The following ELIX products incorporate this decal: ELIX ABS/PLA, ELIX ABS-NF and ELIX M730RP. ABS is a recyclable material in itself but additionally, these materials contain a percentage of raw materials that comes from a renewable source or during their production process, the carbon footprint is lower than that of other materials.
This initiative reaffirms this company's commitment with sustainability as one of the essential and strategic pillars of their growth and positioning in the global market.