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ELIX Polymers signs a cooperation agreement with AECC


ELIX Polymers signs a cooperation agreement with AECC

ELIX Polymers has joined the Business Solidarity Programme of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) with the objective of supporting and distributing the AECC's messages among all company employees.

ELIX Polymers decided to sign this cooperation agreement as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, thereby prioritising the well-being of its human resources by facilitating the adoption of healthy lifestyles.

Through this programme, ELIX Polymers supports, raises awareness, informs about and provides the advice on prevention and early detection included in the European Code Against Cancer. It publishes this information among its workers, in addition a series of habits for leading a healthy life. It likewise reports on the activities, services and programmes offered by the AECC and provides details of the AECC's annual information and awareness-raising campaigns, thus emphasising cancer prevention throughout the year, among other subjects.

By voluntarily joining this programme, ELIX Polymers takes another step in its strategy as a healthy company by focusing on the physical and emotional well-being of its workers and their core family and social environment.