ELIX Polymers prizes two different categories II CSR Prizes chemical industry FEIQUE


ELIX Polymers given prizes in two different categories at the II CSR Prizes in the chemical industry awarded by FEIQUE

ELIX Polymers, thermoplastic materials producer, located in the South Tarragona Industrial Estate, has been acknowledged in the II CSR Prizes in the Chemical Sector awarded by FEIQUE for its contribution in boosting the exporting potential of the Spanish chemical sector (‘Exporta’ Prize) and for the sustainable management of its production processes (‘Clima’ Prize).

In the Exporta category, ELIX has received the award for having obtained an export value of over 65% of its turnover. In 2017 this ABS manufacturer company exported 92% of its production.

In the Clima category, ELIX has gained acknowledgement for having achieved the maximum reduction of greenhouse gasses (GHG) per ton produced in 2017 compared to 2015. ELIX Polymers has reduced by 12% the emission index of GHG thanks to improving production processes which have optimized electricity and natural gas consumption.

ELIX Polymers’ Operations and Business Development & Innovation Director, David Castañeda said: ‘We are very proud to receive these prizes, since they are the result of the company’s commitment with economic and environmental sustainability.  We would like to highlight FEIQUE’s initiative to give recognition to positive actions taken by chemical industries implemented in the Responsible Care program framework, of which we have been a member since 2008’.

In this second edition prizes were structured in 15 different categories, and at the same time they were grouped into four different areas which encompass the main spheres of the Social Responsibility strategies and policies: Social, Environmental, Economic and Transparency and Good Management.

These chemical sector RSE Prizes aim at recognizing the effort in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility of chemical companies that adhered to the Responsible Care Program. This is a voluntary initiative of the chemical sector to continually improve Health, Safety and Environment Protection.  At the same time, the intention is to boost that this industry is a reference in the promotion and management of CSR in Spain.

Judith Banús, CSR Area Manager at ELIX Polymers added:  ‘As a company in the chemical sector, we carry out different initiatives within our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. With reference to Environment, our intention is to strengthen environmental impact reduction, particularly with residue management and diminishing natural resources consumption’.

ELIX Polymers will continue making bigger efforts in different projects, to guarantee the integration of safety and respect for the environment in all our processes, and creating sustainable growth based on an adequate management by our team of professionals.