ELIX Polymers personal professional development employees


ELIX Polymers promotes the personal and professional development of its employees

Last Thursday, 14 June, ELIX Polymers conducted a workshop on the LEAN methodology with representatives from various areas of the company. The aim was to share and learn first-hand about projects for implementing continuous improvement techniques at departments, including the Production, Laboratory, and Customer Service Departments, among others.

As a part of its overall mission regarding people, ELIX promotes the personal and professional development of its employees. To do so, several years ago it introduced the LEAN methodology as a new tool for strengthening management processes and the abilities of its human team.

In this learning opportunity, which included the participation of Oriol Cuatrecasas, Director of Development of the LEAN Management Institute, project managers explained the uniqueness and difficulties that were encountered when implementing improvements in work processes using tools such as Value Stream Mapping, Hoshin Kanri, Kaizen board, and others. “It's a pleasure to see how people at ELIX get involved in the projects, how they lead and actively participate, and how there is effort to improve. This workshop also served to strengthen the relationships and bonds between project teams, with members learning from each other”, Oriol affirmed.

Regarding the positive impact from implementing the LEAN methodology at ELIX, Esther Freijanes, Customer Service & Export Transport Manager, remarked the following: “What makes this methodology valuable has been the commitment and participation by all the team members, who believed in the need for change and in the benefits that the new processes would bring to their daily performance. This empowerment with the Department's objectives leads to achieving results through individual efforts, thereby adding value to not only customer satisfaction but to our company’s mission”.

ELIX Polymers has succeeded in positioning itself in the thermoplastics market not only due to the quality of its products and its personalised service, but also due to having the capacity to identify improvement opportunities that add value to its management and enhance the abilities of its team of professionals.