ELIX Polymers committed CorAvant congenital heart disease foundation


ELIX Polymers is committed to CorAvant, a congenital heart disease foundation --

ELIX Polymers signed a cooperation agreement with CorAvant, a congenital heart disease foundation (2008), which works in the territory of Catalonia together with the congenital heart disease association, AACIC (1994), to offer psycho-social care to girls, boys, youths, and adults who have had heart problems since childhood.

A meeting to conclude this agreement was held last May at the offices of ELIX Polymers, which included the presence of Àngels Estévez from CorAvant and Noelia Vázquez, Director of HR and Communications at ELIX Polymers. The alliance was sealed with the signing of a cooperation agreement between CorAvant, represented by its Director, Rosa Armengol, and ELIX Polymers, represented by Noelia Vázquez.

ELIX Polymers, as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, has once again decided to collaborate on and commit to social projects in the territory in order to help care for the needs of its most immediate environment. On this occasion, it is collaborating together with the CorAvant foundation through a cooperation agreement that is based on a financial donation for 2018 to provide support on various social projects of the foundation. One of the foundation's most important projects includes camps for boys, girls, and youths with congenital heart disease. The camps are called Aventuras.Cor, and they take place 3 times per year: at Christmas, over Easter week, and during summer.

The camp project began in 2006, originating from the concern of several families who had seen how, despite the considerable leisure offer in Catalonia, there were no projects that accepted boys, girls, and adolescents with congenital heart disease, because their teams were not prepared to care for this group. ELIX Polymers will also support the foundation in all its psychological care services and on integration, information, and awareness-raising projects that are carried out.

Noelia Vázquez, Director of HR and Communications at ELIX Polymers, explained: “As a corporate policy and in order to have a positive impact, both socially and in the territory where we operate, we will continue to support various social and healthy activities that have a positive impact on society. The CorAvant foundation, through its mission, helps a group of people who, due to their health circumstances, do not have the same opportunities as others. At ELIX, we are committed to equal opportunities, and CorAvant is a good example of this”.