Cultural change Management by Missions


CEO of ELIX Polymers share his experience regarding the benefits of Management by Missions

Last month, Wolfgang Doering, CEO of ELIX Polymers was invited to Desayunos Cátedra, an event organised by the Chair of Management by Missions and Corporate Governance of UIC Barcelona to share his experience regarding the benefits of "Management by Missions".

With the slogan "Cultural change through Management by Missions: the hard way to transform mature organisations based on the example of ELIX Polymers", Wolfgang stated the difficulties of tackling cultural change in an organisation with more than forty years of experience in the sector. 

This cultural change affects all people, which are the most important asset of any organisation; this way, using the "Management by Missions" model, ELIX Polymers is aligning their interests as a company as well as that of their workers.

Via each person’s individual objective, "Management by Missions" allows connecting with the mission of the work area as well as the company's mission.  Using this model, ELIX Polymers has enhanced cross-collaboration between areas, promoted cooperation and teamwork. 

One of the strategies of ELIX Polymers is the development of the organisation as well as the personal and professional development of its workers. During the presentation, Wolfgang highlighted that the key to success of any business is commitment, which requires effort, preservation and understanding.

"The most important thing is for our people to understand why and for what purpose they are doing things, to establish more coherent and ambitious objectives, allowing them to obtain better results and giving a purpose to their hours of work", said Wolfgang. This way we will promote something as important as motivating people, causing them to perform at their best. 

In conclusion, the incorporation of the mission at all levels has allowed ELIX Polymers to strengthen the ties with their employees, provide a greater purpose to the effort of each individual and improve the levels of productivity and efficiency.