Vorwerk elige la excepcional el blend de ABS 5120 de ELIX para el robot de cocina Thermomix y otorga a ELIX Polymers el estado de proveedor de nivel «A»


Vorwerk selects ELIX 5120 premium ABS-Blend for Thermomix food processor – and awards “A” supplier status to ELIX Polymers

Vorwerk Elektrowerke GmbH has selected ELIX ABS-Blend 5120 for the control panel housing of its Thermomix TM5 food processor. ABS Blend E.5120 is produced by ELIX Polymers S.L., a leading manufacturer of ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) resins and derivatives in Europe.

The TM5 is a 3-component product with a very complex and demanding injection process. Vorwerk selected the ELIX 5120 ABS-Blend - colored in a customized grey - because it was able to offer the required high toughness, rigidity, dimensional stability, good heat resistance and high gloss appearance as the key properties. - Impact-resistant ELIX ABS-Blend 5120 not only offers an excellent balance of the required properties, it can also be processed efficiently even in thin wall thicknesses thanks to its optimized flow properties.

Vorwerk awards “A” supplier status to ELIX Polymers S.L. with zero defect rate in 2016

Vorwerk and ELIX Polymers have built a successful partnership over many years, based on supply reliability and the quality of premium engineering thermoplastics of ELIX polymers - used for many quality products in Vorwerk’s product portfolio for modern household appliances such as vacuum cleaners. “We have an excellent supplier relationship and consider ELIX Polymers as a valuable and reliable supplier as well as a development partner for sophisticated technical projects and objectives”, said Vorwerk's strategic purchasing agent, Carsten Schlegel. Vorwerk has recognised ELIX Polymers as an “A” supplier with a zero defect rate since beginning of the business partnership – and this was confirmed again in October 2017.

“We consider the renewed A-supplier assessment as a confirmation of our company's philosophy of continuous improvement regarding quality and best-in-class service. We are grateful and honoured that VORWERK considers ELIX Polymers as a preferred supplier for our high-quality ABS”, comments Joachim Kroeger, Regional Sales Manager of ELIX Polymers.

Vorwerk has modernized its multifunctional kitchen machine Thermomix with innovative technologies such as recipe chips, touchscreen and guided cooking function. The new Thermomix-model TM5 can be operated intuitively by a touchscreen and just one button. With its innovative recipe chips and a unique guided cooking function, the Thermomix TM5 food processor opens up a new digital dimension of cooking and sets new standards.