ELIX Polymers celebrates safety week


ELIX Polymers celebrates SAFETY WEEK

Within the framework of the World Occupational Safety and Health Day, which took place this past Saturday April 28th, ELIX Polymers celebrated its second edition of Safety Week, from 23 to 30 April.

Throughout the year, ELIX carries out continuous awareness campaigns regarding the importance of safety in people's daily lives; in their personal as well as professional environments. Safety Week is one of these important initiatives, which purpose is to strengthen the safety culture of the company by realising ELIX's commitment towards people by creating a safe and sustainable working environment.

Since 2016, ELIX Polymers has been developing an important safety culture improvement project based on the organisation, with the primary objective of achieving a positive safety culture. In this regard, Judith Banus, SHE & Site Services Manager, explains: “The celebration of this second edition of Safety Week reinforces an initiative that began last year and which was welcomed very positively by our collaborators. For a few days, the objective is to raise awareness regarding the inclusion of healthy habits in our working environment at all levels; that is, physical, psychological and social. All the activities were focussed on stimulating and placing value on the conducts that may strengthen these three aspects of our health".

Each year, the activities of Safety Week are different; during this edition we have provided a wide range of workshops aimed at promoting healthy habits such as healthy back, healthy food and mindfulness workshops. In the occupational hazards prevention area we have scheduled awareness activities on the risk of falls from heights, a breathing equipment efficiency test and interactive role playing sessions.

On the other hand, a group coaching conference took place called “Take control of your health”, with the aim of empowering the attendees and make them stop and think and connect with their health and with all things that are important in their lives. Other activities were also carried out with great success in participation such as salsa classes, an exhibition by the firemen of the chemical industrial park and a guided visit to the factory to explain the jobs carried out by the different areas with the aim of increasing the empathy and commitment among employees.

Awards were also been presented to the employee who had participated the most in the “Unsafe Situation Warning” (ASI) programme, which recognises and encourages employee involvement and pro-activeness in the continuous improvement of workplace safety conditions. Another award that was presented in its second edition was the Safety Award to the best services company. On this occasion, company SIEMSA was recognised for its effort in implementing good ORP practices at ELIX. The company obtained the best score in the 2017 Safety KPI Performance, and the award is a recognition of its implementation of best practices in the area of prevention.

“This year participation has been high, which motivates us to continue working together for the purpose of achieving a safer and healthier working environment. While always reminding ourselves that this is one of the pillars of our corporate mission" concluded Judith Banus.