ELIX Polymers joins Global Compact

In line with the company’s social and environmental responsibility policy, ELIX Polymers recently joined the United Nations Global Compact, an international initiative launched by the UN over 15 years ago.

Global Compact is a declaration of the commitment to defend human rights in areas such as labour rights, child-labour codes, forced labour and freedom of association. This initiative has currently been signed by over 12,000 entities and is present in 163 countries. Over 2,600 organisations have signed the Global Compact in Spain.

By signing the Global Compact, companies undertake to: Implement the Ten Principles of the Global Compact into their management, as referred to in United Nations declarations regarding human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, which have universal consensus (https://www.unglobalcompact.org/what-is-gc/mission/principles), and to contribute to the United Nations objectives which, since September 2015, have been related to Sustainable Development.

The aim of GLOBAL COMPACT and the Global Report Initiative (GRI) is to have a sustainable global economy in which organisations responsibly manage their performance and economic, environmental and social impact, and prepare reports in a transparent manner, as well as preparing sustainability reports as standard practice, providing guidance and support to organisations.

It is a huge step forward for ELIX to be part of this GLOBAL NETWORK of companies committed to implementing and disseminating responsible and sustainable practices and policies.