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ABS and PC/ABS grades with squeak reduction


Squeaking and rattling sounds caused by plastic parts in contact with other plastic parts, leather, PVC foil or other surfaces result in undesirable noise within the vehicle, which can affect the driver’s comfort and the perception of the car’s quality. This is particularly notable in electric and hybrid vehicles, where powertrains are virtually silent and the noise produced by vibration and friction is more obvious.

To reduce this squeaking and rattling, ELIX has developed a line of anti-squeak ABS and PC/ABS products. This solution is required by automotive OEMs for key interior parts, such as door handles, armrests or seating components.


Standard applications

Key automotive interior parts: door handles, armrests, seating components, sunroofs, cupholders and air vents.

R&D concept

The aim of our project is to provide solutions for applications that require anti-squeak properties, more critical in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Market scope



  • Stick-slip tests (VDA230-206) performed with very positive results at different forces, speeds and under various temperature conditions.

  • Solution available for all ELIX ABS, ABS/PC and PC/ABS grades.

  • Solution free of PTFE or silicone oil.

  • Several ELIX anti-squeak products approved by automotive OEMs.


  • Noise reduction achieved, even after the materials are heat aged.
  • Same properties as their standard version, without affecting existing OEM approvals for ELIX grades.

  • Cost savings, as no felt, tape or grease must be added after the injection and assembly of parts.


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